Astrology & the Apocalypse: Is the Universe Hitting the Reset Button?

These are wild times we live in. Most of the world is now in a full lock-down/quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic; there are riots in the streets, food shortages, economic infrastructure is collapsing, mass unemployment, hospitals completely overwhelmed, thousands have died, nature has become unbalanced, and its not over yet. For a lot of people this feels like the end of days, and that feeling makes sense when we look at what the human race has done to this planet. Even those who don't invoke spirituality have been asking themselves 'Has the universe forsaken us? Has mother nature had enough?', and that may be true, but there is hope. In both science and spirituality one rule remains cardinal – equilibrium. For every action there is a consequence, death gives way to life, change cannot emerge without a catalyst, and the universe demands balance.

Eclipses are believed to be extremely powerful occurrences for both personal and universal events, and this whole pandemic has seen not one but two of them. Eclipses are most powerful at places where they occur on the horizon or meridian. The first eclipse occurred on July 17th and it fell exactly on the horizon at Wuhan (China), which is ground zero for COVID-19. The Ascendant [24cn] was conjunct the Sun [24cn] and the North Node [17cn]. Diana K Rosenberg, one of the world's foremost astrologers, published seminal work in 2012 which examined great pandemics and plagues throughout history in conjunction with astrological movements. More than 30yrs worth of research revealed that these same stars were transited at a June CE solar eclipse in 540 and subsequently The Bubonic Plague started in Egypt, decimating the Byzantine Empire. Later during an Aries Ingress eclipse in 1665 the Great Plague of London began. In 1916 Saturn culminated at the Cancer Ingress and a horrific Polio epidemic broke out in New York, killing thousands .

The major player here is Saturn, the planet that represents the old world and traditions. Saturn also symbolizes materialism, suffering, setbacks, greed, oppression, hatred, hunger, poverty and chronic diseases. Saturn is the planet of plagues and pestilence. We have seen plagues of locusts rising across the world recently, which is historically not only an icon of Saturn but of the biblical plagues themselves. At this time Mars (the planet of war and violence) and Jupiter (the planet of good fortune and light – also representing the new world) are conjunctive with Pluto (the planet of destruction and re-births) in the same part of the sky as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Pluto is considered 'the great revealer', but often there's a dark night before the dawn of the rebirth. This is a truly immense planetary alignment that will bring unprecedented upheaval.

What astrologers are trying to map specifically is the altercation between Saturn (representing the old world) and Jupiter (representing the new world), measuring which one is closer to apogee or perigee on their great circle will reveal what happens next. We will not be able to say for certain the outcome of this planetary battle until it is completed in December 2020. If Saturn ends up in a place where it has Lordship then it portends that the old world will reign, our civilisation will either prevail as it was before or be simply vanquished to the history books. However, if Jupiter ends up in a place of Lordship it stands that we will be reborn and the new world shall emerge forth – unfortunately likely in the blood and ashes of the old one.

So where does that leave us as people? Uranus being in Taurus represents the breaking of habit patterns – which could be interpreted as our need for PPE in every day life. Having to stop shaking hands, hugging friends, even talking to each other face-to-face and spending time with people in close proximity. Having to wear surgical gloves to do the weekly grocery shop and not making the crowded commute to work. Aside from those dealing with severe germ related OCD, how many of us never think twice about putting notes/bills in our mouths or touching open fruit in a supermarket? It's an odd time to be having to rethink every part of your daily routine. Neptune is about illusion and delusion, what do we assume to be real? The structure of government aid, mortgage payments, and universal credit. We are finding out that we can end homelessness and increase aid to the vulnerable overnight – when before Coronavirus it was billed as a decade long task with multiple hoops to jump through. Neptune is also a planet of connectivity. Perhaps now more than anything else that is our ruling force. Thousands of people who have never spoken to one-another in a single district suddenly open their doors to stand on their steps and applaud for NHS workers into a night sky. People in Italy are singing from their balconies in unison to try and comfort those disorientated from the lock-down. People are climbing onto the roofs of apartment buildings to host gym sessions for anyone who can look out the window and join in. We are now only as strong as our weakest link.

Pluto destroys everything that is in our path, and so living beyond our means may be drawing to a close. Mother earth must heal. The balance between the physical world and the digital world must balance. As we move into the sign of Aquarius it is a challenge for us to find our own voices, and shout back in the face of fear. These last few years have been a very outward Yang energy, now we are on the precipice of the Ying energy. This is the desire to slow down, the destruction of what was so that what must be can rise, the outward breath of giving replaces the inward breath of taking. Is it terrifying? Absolutely. But you cannot have new life without death. We must honour the earth's cycle. Sacrifice who you were for who you must become. This is an opportunity for us to reset ourselves and take stock of what is important. If you thought time was running out would you be happy with what you have achieved? People are now making the art they only dreamt of, they are taking out the good china for dinner, they are reconnecting with the spirit, they are grateful once more. How much have we taken lying down? How much have we taken for granted for the sake of a little extra comfort? How much of ourselves have we lost along the way? The universe is holding up a mirror to the human race and we can no longer look away. As above – so below.

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