Disposable – Suffocator: A Virile Offering of Metal Which Bends Genre Boundaries as Much as the Basslines.

If you’re looking for the most virile 2019 album release, look no further than the latest album from Disposable. “Suffocator” comes five years after their debut album “At the Foot of the World”, and perceptibly, they weren’t wasting their time between releases. They were maturing their stylistic energy and bending genre boundaries as much as their basslines along with welcoming new guitarist Oliver Wardell to their formation.

Disposable Band Thrash Metal Edinburgh album review

Expect eight new servings of alchemic ingenuity from the Edinburgh-based powerhouse who have been making waves in Scotland, but with such a veracity behind their sound, the rest of the world is overdue a caustic awakening from the 4-piece band.

The instrumental arrangements aren’t just tight, they’re ingenious. The clever flow of the seamless progressions allows you to appreciate every single transgression. But Suffocator is more than just an arrestive amalgamation of Thrash, Hardcore, Groove Metal, Death Metal, and Metal Core. It’s a concept album which alludes to the suffocation which we experience on a personal level, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one who finds plenty of resonance within the lyrical depth they have dug deep for. You know that feeling of “stop the world I want to get off” as it feels like your brain is being deprived of oxygen and your cardiovascular system seems to have turned to stone? Well, that’s exactly the foreboding anxiety which each of the tracks deals with. The inspiration behind Suffocator is so much more than vaguely directed anger, it’s an invitation to not feel quite so alone when you’re dealing with the fragility of life, being bitten by capitalism, or, you’re just plain angry at the world.

Disposable Band Thrash Metal Edinburgh Album Review

While tracks such as “Sick to the Back Teeth” will provide short and punchy hits of delicious aggression, others such as "Swarm" will give you a much more distinct view of their melodic songwriting talent. Vocalist & bassist William Robertson may very well have one of the most diverse vocal ranges I’ve heard in metal in a long time. And let's be honest, when it gets guttural and primal, it gets a little bit sexy. Pair that with the soul-piercing riffs from guitarists Oliver Wardell and Jack Batcharj, and the snappy rolling rhythms from Liam Tucker on the drums and there may be no higher genre-defying metal plateau you can reach.

If you’re not excited by now, you may very well find that you’re a little dead inside! Why not see if you can invoke a little emotion by checking out the first single to be released off the album


Suffocator will be independently released on April 20th, 2019. You can grab yourself a digital download, a jewel case CD, or really treat yourselves with a 12” vinyl copy!

To make sure you don’t miss out on the aural beast which is Suffocator, head over to the Big Cartel store or via Bandcamp.

Disposable Suffocator band UK heavy metal

Connect with the band and keep up to date with new releases and tour dates via Facebook, but if you’re looking for some visual treats, head on over to YouTube. 

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