Evil Blizzard Live Review: The Macabre and Miserable Aural Antidote to Existentialism

Preston Guild Hall, April 13th, 2019

Discovering the Preston-based Evil Blizzard at this point is a lot like trying to figure out the narrative in Game of Thrones by starting from season 7.

With a cult following at their theatrical command and plenty of enigmatic quirks to their presence you don’t really just ‘show up’ for an Evil Blizzard gig. You check your pretension at the door and allow the sardonic magnetism which spills from the stage and reverberates through the crowd to envelop you. I mean, it’s a little hard to remain composed and indifferent after a giant inflatable cock has hit you square in the face three times in the first half of the set.

ic: The weird world of Evil Blizzard

The rare realm of irony which Evil Blizzard operate within offers fellow jaded existentialists fractures of euphoria in the bendy rhythms, aural fuzz, and lyrical antagonism. If there was ever a perfect synergy between Horror Punk, Post Punk, and Metal, it irrefutably lies within Evil Blizzard’s tracks.

Even after witnessing five artists open for Evil Blizzard the crowd had plenty of energy reserved for their quintessence of pantomime. When the setlist came around to their major hits such as “Are You Evil?” and “Unleash the Misery” even the steeliest members of the crowd couldn’t quite resist the deep grooves in the sound and the constant rolling drum fills. Even through the mammoth track “Pull God from the Sky” the crowd retained their energy and waited for that sweet spot when the catharsis of the anthemics hit and the reverb-laden euphoria blared through the monitors once more.

Their less than archetypal instrumental arrangement is just the beginning of Evil Blizzard’s distinctive mesmerism which allows their sound to resonate like nothing you’ve heard before. Yes, there are four bassists, a keyboardist, and a Vocalist drummer – but there really is nothing like watching a humorously self-defacing band who encourage their followers to see them as anything other than aural deities. Instead of applause, they sought degradation, but sadly, it goes against the core of my being to react to celestially gruff vocals with anything other than adoration.

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Even though putting six acts on one line-up is a fairly risky move, the crowd were still eager to head down and catch the first opening acts (or just head to the bar, who knows?) Those who were a little too apathetic to drag themselves down for the doors at 5 pm missed out on some of the most exceptional up and coming talent that the North has to offer. While each act brought something new and pragmatic to the stage, notable mention really has to go to Strange Bones.

Strange Bones Band

Choosing Strange Bones as one of the earlier bands on the line up was nothing short of a genius move. With a Punk juggernaut as a frontman, it was impossible not to get caught in the midst of his viscerally caustic chaos. Remember that iconic video of At the Drive In performing “One-Armed Scissor”? The Blackpool originating band’s set was infinitely more explosive than that. It’s not all too often opening acts will treat me unforgettable experiences but witnessing Frontman Bobby’s dominance of the stage and the indulgently virile energy which he shared with the crowd was a slightly terrifying arrestive experience.

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