EXCLUSIVE MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE of Erika’s Latest Artfully Captivating Single “Broken Open"

“Broken Open” is the latest single from South London-based Indie Art Pop alchemist Erika, and we have the absolute honour of treating you to an exclusive preview of the official music video which is due for official release on July 19th.

Erika Broken Open Music Video Release

Broken Open was a viscerally captivating single in itself, yet, the music video proves just how efficacious a soundscape can be when paired with artfully expressive visuals. Especially when they are depicting the frustrative pain which we endure to have any hope of self-growth as we encounter roadblocks along the way.

We’re all a little guilty of hearing lyrics and instantly declaring ‘this song is about me!’ while forgetting to contemplate the intensity and the complexity of the artist’s own experience which enabled them to compose such a compelling single in the first place. Yet, there’s little chance of that happening with Broken Open as with the magnetic pull of the instrumentals sit in perfect synergy sense of fraught urgency as the choreography captured by SPRY Pictures.

As the intensity and momentum build, you’re offered the powerful visuals of dancer Gabriella Mazure who appears in the video alongside Erika finally shaking off restraint and unapologetically taking up space in a way which doesn’t pander to the archetypal notion of feminine frailty. 

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