Exclusive Witch of the East “Corridors” Music Video Premiere

If you appreciate serpentine rhythms oozing from gritty dark grunge tracks paired with a playfully alchemic video which aptly sets the femininely macabre mise en scene, you’ll definitely thank us for drawing your attention away towards Aeris Houlihan’s sticky sweet brand of foreboding magnetism.

Witches may no longer get burned at the stake, women may no longer get committed for hysteria but there’s still plenty of people that carry the fear of powerful and expressive women. Alternatively, there are plenty of people who appreciate a mesmerising serving of aural occultism. That would explain why Witch of the East is amongst one of the most promising rising artists in the UK right now. Just ask anyone who has had the privilege of being witness to one of their live shows.

The lyricism may play with themes of horror, but ultimately, it serves to allude to darkness which is all too visceral in our daily lives. Ominously poignant metaphysical poetry is found in each of the verses amplifying the authenticity of the soundscape which could have only been orchestrated by Witch of the East and their unique combination of Grunge, Rock and Dark Pop.

Corridors is a track which invites you to get lost amongst the caustic reverb spilling from the guitars, around effects which were infused to leave you in a state of arrested disconcertment while the lyrics offer a sentimentality which is far too organic to resist.  And it’s our absolute pleasure to be the first to treat you to the exclusive video premiere:

Queen of Insecurity is due for release on July 5th, 2019 through I’m Not from London Records, you can head over to iTunes and Google Play to pre-order the album now.

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