Game of Thrones Season 8 Ep 2 Review: Yeah, Sex is Good, But Have You Ever Been Knighted Though?

Warning contains spoilers

While many viewers were left slightly soured by the lack of action in the first episode last week, I’m assuming that plenty more people will be feeling the impatience after watching last week.

Ashamedly, I was a little misled by the Season 8 Episode 2 trailer, I was left with the belief that we’d finally see the White Army reach the gates of Winterfell, instead, we got to spend a little more time with our favourites before some of them surely meet their bloody demise.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Night King White Walkers The Undead

Now that we’ve seen that the Night King’s army is practically at the gates of Winterfell, there will probably be no more time left for semantics. It’s a bittersweet emotion which makes me feel like I’m trying to have my cake and eat it at the same time. There’s the sense of urgency to see how it will all unfold, but am I ready that the devastation which will ensue? Probably not, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one in the teeth of that juxtaposition. Maybe next week I will be running down the most traumatising moments instead.

Power couples almost came to be the main theme of this episode, while Jon & Daenerys’ relationship frays others become stronger such as you saw with Jaime and Brienne and Arya and Gendry. Although Daenerys doesn’t seem overly fond of anyone at the moment. Her treatment of Tyrion after he failed to see what Cersei had up her sleeve was incredibly unfair. At least Jorah’s silky voice still has a potent effect when it comes to her judgment. There was a moment of hope has Daenerys sat down with Sansa to try and put their differences aside, but that was quickly shattered when Sansa tried to secure the Stark’s independent hold in the North. Give it up Daenerys. Literally.

Apart from Daenerys’s undying urge to take the Iron Throne, there were plenty of lovely wholesome moments for us to enjoy.

Season 8 Episode 2 Best Moments:

Daenerys Vision of Revenge on Jaime Sizzles Out

Even though many of the characters have known Jaime at various points throughout his character progression, Brienne was perhaps the ultimate catalyst for that change. It was noted that Jaime wouldn’t be the man he is today without the guilt of throwing Bran out of that window. Yet, it was exposure to Brienne’s level of noble, and humble humanity which sparked the transgression. Daenerys mocked him for only having one hand but pointing out how he came about losing that hand was nothing short of powerful. With Daenerys in full on wrath-mode, there was no other shot of redemption for Jaime other than Brienne stepping forward and appealing to Sansa’s trust in her. The screenwriters have been exceptionally clever with how each individualistic action has a butterfly effect which will ultimately affect the outcome of the entire show. At the moment, everything seems to be unfolding to make Daenerys look like a popular mean girl losing her following and it is incredibly satisfying.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Jaime Lannister Daenerys Targaryen


Robert Baratheon’s Dream Came True

Arya and Gendry decided to spend potentially their last night on earth together and fulfilled the foreshadowing of Robert Baratheon’s conversation with Ned Stark in Season 1. It may have been one of the most awkward to watch sex scenes in Game of Thrones so far – and that’s quite an achievement, but the significance of the scene was still tangible. It created a brilliant contrast between Jon’s revelation of his true bloodline. It is safe to say that Arya was just a little bit more understanding than Daenerys. A few people may be under the impression that the sex scene between Arya and Gendry was unnecessary and it was out of character for Arya. But come on, I’m surprised there aren’t end of the world orgies being hosted in the main hall led by Tormund.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Arya Stark and Gendry Baratheon


Yeah, Sex is Good, But Have You Ever Been Knighted Though?

While titles mean very little at this point in the game, it was still fairly beautiful to watch Brienne’s dream of being knighted come true. At least she looked happier at the end of her night with Jaimie than Arya looked after she’d gone to bed with Gendry. That knighting could only have ever been so visceral with the sword in Jaime’s hand. While many fans will be waiting for them to hook up, isn’t a little more impactful that their love moves beyond lust and transcends into something infinitely more powerful?

There has always been a strong feminist narrative running right through Game of Thrones with some of the most powerful (in every sense of the word) characters being women. With Cersei on the Iron Throne, Daenerys commanding a Dothraki and Unsullied army, and Sansa winning the hearts of the North, misogyny doesn’t get a look in. That’s without mentioning Lyanna Mormont who in this ep argued with her cousin on where she will be when the battle comes to Winterfell. Jorah may have had to contend with Daenerys all of these years, but Lyanna is a different force entirely. It’s impossible not to love her.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Brienne Of Tarth knighted Jaime Lannister A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms


Tyrion’s Optimism

Tyrion hasn’t always been the most optimistic of characters, yet, he’s seen almost as much progression as Jaime. This became apparent through his and Jaime’s conversation where Jaime implies that Tyrion could still be going to bed with whores when you realise how out of character that would be for Tyrion now.

Ever since he was put in a box to be shipped off to Daenerys before being subsequently kidnapped by Jorah, he seems to be a changed man. He’s moved away from being angry at the world for his shortcomings (I didn’t mean to do a short person joke, I promise), and used his intellect to save the Seven Kingdoms. Many of the characters implied their skepticism on whether they would make it through the night, but Tyrion’s shiny ray of optimism was definitely noted. His intellect and ability as Hand of the Queen got called into question throughout this episode, was this another clever set up from the screenwriters? I suppose we can only hope.


Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Jaime and Tyrion Lannister

Jon & Dany’s Honeymoon Period Ends

As soon as Sam dropped the bloodline bomb on Jon last episode, we knew this moment was coming. The big revelation being in front of Jon’s Mother’s statue almost allowed us to believe that the conversation was going to go well as Jon and Dany talked over their families shared history. However, Dany has already proven that she’s not the most understanding person in the world. Her attempt to quash the validity of the information showed just how desperate she is to be sitting on the Iron Throne.

Dany’s scene with Sansa already revealed that she loves Jon and that he loves her. So, surely, they would have no issue co-ruling Westeros? Furthermore, at this point, the only two people who seem to be bothered about the Iron Throne are Cersei and Daenerys. It all feels slightly redundant at this point.

But let’s spare a thought for Jon Snow who has to go and fight the biggest battle of his life when he’s caught in the midst of a domestic.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Jon Snow Aegon Targaryen Daenerys Targaryen

Top WTF Moment - Tormund Makes Everything a Little Awkward

Having Brienne of Tarth, Jaime Lannister and Tormund Giantsbane in the same room was always going to be a little awkward, but I can’t help questioning if the screenwriters took things just a little too far with Tormund’s character when he attempted to alpha male it in front of Jaime. Poor Jaime, he had to put up with it from Euron, and now he has to deal with Tormund trying to assert his dominance.

We knew that Tormund knocked Brienne a little sick from the last season, but now, it is irrefutably clear that it’s never going to happen between them two. Tormund has come out with some pretty questionable things in the past, such as his story shared with Ygritte of the time he spent with Sheila the Bear. Yet, his breastfeeding from a giant story followed by him drowning himself as he downed whatever his horn contained was incredibly cringe-worthy. It was also slightly disappointing that every other strong character sat in the room and allowed it to happen. Where was Tyrion’s quick wit?

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Tormund Giantsbane Got milk Giants Milk

Now Our Wait Begins….

Next week, we’ll finally get to see how Winterfell and the ultimate band of badass warriors it contains will fair against the Night King and his army, in the meantime, we’ll feel plenty of questions reverberate through our minds.

Will the Bran bait plan work?

How many Whights will Arya chop through with her new spear?

Who will be the first to die?

How much of Winterfell will be left standing after we saw how quickly the wall fell?

What happens when they all need to go to bed?

Will the women and children be safe in the crypt, or will they be ice dragon toast?

Will Tyrion get to keep his title as Hand of the Queen?

Will Bronn finally rock up?


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