Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: Our Watch is Almost Over

Warning: contains spoilers.

I’m torn. I’m torn between being hypercritical of every glaring mistake which we have seen so far in Season 8, and just wanting to let it slide and trying to enjoy the last few hours of Game of Thrones. But by this point, it almost feels as though I’m more invested in the characters than Daniel Brett Weiss and David Benioff. As the credits rolled, I reeled after witnessing that amount of WTF moments which just didn’t make any logical sense. The fan predictions at this point are far better than the decisions that Dan and David are making – mainly because they fit with the theme of the character progression and actually pay attention to the prophecies.

They may not have messed up on the lighting for this episode - which was an improvement on last week, but what’s the deal with making all of our favourite characters two-dimensional? And yes, I’m talking about Bronn, who popped up as a cocksure pantomime villain and made his proposal. Punching Tyrion in the face may have given us a fair amount of comedy, but it feels like Dan & David are relying on shock moments far too much. Just look at the Rhaegal dropping from the sky for the perfect example of that. I mean I get it; it was perfectly set up that they weren’t prepared for Cersei, the whole cast knew it, Dany just didn’t care. Ultimately, it was all about her loss in Episode 4. Rhaegal and Missandei were both taken away from her by the end of Episode 4, and it’s all falling into place nicely for her to be the Mad Queen, but how are they going to squeeze that into the 2 remaining episodes? Especially, when it looks like there will be an epilogue!

Daniel Brett Weiss and David Benioff Game Of Thrones Writers and directors

Quite honestly, I can empathise with Jon Snow and his reluctance to try and get her to reign it in. She’s terrifying, I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her and Drogon, but why should we ever believe that he would put the lives of the Northmen in that amount of danger? Wouldn’t it be much more likely for him to risk his own life (again!) to save his people? I definitely think so. Don’t even get me started on Jon letting Tormund take Ghost with him. Evidently, the screenwriters wanted him out of the way, so they didn’t have to worry about the CGI budget for him. But what was the point in even bringing Ghost back into it? We literally saw nothing of him aside from him charging off into battle with Jorah Mormont, and come to think of it, why was Ghost with Jorah anyway? Does he have the better treats and belly rubs? 

Rather than giving us answers, we’re left with frustration, an ever-increasing amount of questions, and the painful feeling that each end is being tied with hands as deft as Wun Wun’s. Regardless, Episode 4 had some fairly big moments which could lead to big twists in the penultimate episode, here are the top 5.

What’s Jaime Up To?

The screenwriters have already demonstrated that they aren’t really all too great continuing with GRRM’s character progression. They may be doing a lot of referencing back to lines from previous series', and sure we get the nice “ahhhh, we remember that bit” feeling, but it’s not doing much for the characters as they face the last two episodes.

So, after all of Jaime Lannister's character progression, including the bang fans were dying to see, he’s on his way back to Cersei? A fair few people believe that after so much has gone into seeing him as a transformed character that they wouldn’t dream of allowing him to run back to Cersei with his tail in between his legs. I just wish I had that much faith in the screenwriters!

As for what they did to Brienne’s character as she broke down as he left, I almost have no words, well, I do, they’re just angry ones. Game of Thrones has no shortage of strong women, but perhaps there are none as dignified as Brienne of Tarth. Turning her into a hysterical heartbroken woman was just too much to watch. And to be honest, so was the fan service scene between Jaime and Brienne.

game of thrones season 8 episode 4 Jaime Lannister Brienne Of Tarth

Does Arya’s Venture to King’s Landing Mean We’ll See Her Wearing Faces Again?

Remember when it felt like we spent an eternity watching Arya Stark become no one? Maybe you’ve forgotten considering that we haven’t seen her pull her changing face trick in a while. But if we had to be put through those monotonous scenes for it not to pay off in the final plot, we’ll feel a little robbed. Yes, she killed the Night King, but the faceless man thing really has to come into play in a bigger way than just watching her cross names off her list.

As she’s now on the way to King’s Landing, there’s only one face which she will be wanting to add to her collection. But it’s hard to say if letting Arya kill both the Night King and Cersei is a good idea. There are plenty of people who are on Team Arya now, and Arya is one of GRRM’s favourite characters, so potentially, it has been set up from the start that Arya would prove to be one of the most important characters in the show. The screenwriters have confirmed that they have known from the fourth season that they knew it would be Arya who killed the Night King.

People are already miffed at the fact that the end of Game of Thrones will resolve after the political drama rather than the existential fear of the supernatural threat, so, if Arya gets to pop off the final boss, there may be riots. Even bigger ones than if Tyrion dies. 

game of thrones season 8 episode 4 The Hound Sandor Clegane & Arya Stark Kings Landing

Will Bran EVER Be Useful?

Admittedly, Bran served as pretty awesome bait for the Night King. Even if it was all just a little bit suddenly convenient that Bran was the ultimate target of the Night King so they could stand some chance of killing him. But will he ever actually use his abilities? We’ve lost Melisandre and Beric so the Lord of Light isn’t really with us anymore. The fantastical elements only stay with us through Arya, Bran and Drogon. It would be a bad move for the screenwriters to let all of the progress in those character’s as they went on their mind and body altering journeys.

Regardless, Bran had nothing valuable to offer as they were in the war room planning the attack in King’s Landing, so will he be of any use at all in the coming episodes? Maybe he’s just sticking around to offer out validation as he did with Theon and Jaime. Who knows, but his warging powers could come in handy soon. If he could control Hodor there are bound to be other people who Bran can take over with his warging abilities. I get that Hodor was a little simple. But wouldn’t you say that someone like the Mountain would be a good enemy for Bran to deal with? He’s barely human!

 game of thrones season 8 episode 4 Bran Stark The Three Eyed Raven

Have We Really Said Our Final Goodbye to Tormund?

It made sense for Tormund Giantsbane to lead his people back North after the threat of the Night King and his army. While it definitely didn’t make sense for Jon to give up his Dire wolf Ghost in the way that he did without saying goodbye, nothing about the parting felt definitive. The little hint from Tormund to Jon that maybe it isn’t the end for them two gave us a little hope that we’d see more of Tormund before the show wraps up forever. Having said that, something needs to go majorly wrong if we are to see Jon and Tormund side by side again. Either there would still be a threat in the North as not all of the Wights were killed, or Jon would have to enlist his trusty fiery friend for another fiery problem all due to his aunt. Tormund now sees Jon as a King and considering that he’s a wildling, that’s pretty impressive.

Maybe he will just get a scent for Brienne’s heartbreak and come running back to her now that Jaime isn’t around to literally cock-block him. 

Game Of Thrones Sean 8 episode 4 Tormund Giantsbane Ghost Dire Wolf

What Will be Dany’s Next Tyrannical Move? 

Daenerys Targaryen knew that her Dragon, Rhaegal, was wounded from the last battle, she knew that Euron Greyjoy had the Iron Fleet, she knows that they have Scorpions with the capability of taking down a dragon. That was a pointless death for Rhaegal. But the most frustrating part had to be that somehow, they kidnapped Missandei. How did they do that without anyone noticing? It’s all very convenient once again. They were all on the same ship! Cersei could have crushed Dany and the rest of he unsullied on the spot, she evidently had no problem when it came to pissing off Dany – she chopped Missandei’s head off to prove that point. But then she didn’t want Tyrion Lannister shot – even if that’s exactly what she charged Bronn to do? Nope, I’m not having it. By this point Cersei should be well aware that Bronn has double-crossed her, that means, she’ll have to do her own dirty work when it comes to Tyrion and Jaime. Aside from that frustratingly thick plot armour, the greatest question right now is, just how irrational is Dany going to be in episode 5 and episode 6 – if she makes it that far!

The plot armour was also especially thick considering that Euron didn’t decide to aim for Drogon who was carrying the dragon queen. But of course that wouldn’t happen, that wouldn’t make sense.

Does anyone else get the feeling that Cersei would have had her men open fire on Tyrion the moment he started talking about her baby? Maybe she knows that Euron isn’t all that clever and wouldn’t be able to figure out that she’s lied to him, but maybe it’s just another glaring mistake that has left the fans with absolutely no faith in David and Dan. I mean, the Starbucks coffee cup has already made them a laughing stock. There’s no way that loyal fans will have been able to explain their way out of that one as they did with the cinematography fail in episode 3 “it would have been that dark and you wouldn’t have been able to see”. Grasping at straws guys, grasping at straws!

Another interesting question to ask is, has Varys already double-crossed Dany? Either way, it doesn’t really look good for Varys after Melisandre predicted that they would both die in strange lands. But remember, the Lord of Light still might have some say in what happens in the end game and with Varys as one of the few remaining servants of the Lord of Light, he may have a fairly big role to play. Well, there are probably some more Red Priestesses left alive, the showrunners have just chosen to leave them all out!

Game Of Thrones Sean 8 episode 4 Daenerys Targaryen Dragon Dragons Rhaegal Drogon

Season 8 Episode 5…

It used to be that no one was safe in Game of Thrones, sadly, those days are long behind us. Ned Stark probably would have got saved just in the nick of time before his head was chopped off if that happened in Season 8.

Yet, we’re all too excited to see what happens in Season 8 Episode 5 given that penultimate episodes tend to be massive! 

Here’s the trailer. 

Let us know what you made of episode 4! Which team are you in now? How do you think that episode 5 is going to unfold?

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