Re-Enter the Horror: Resident Evil 2 Non-Spoiler Review

It has been two decades since Capcom released the follow up to their Playstation one classic, Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 was hailed as a gaming masterpiece, propelling the franchise into mainstream pop culture and selling over 4,960,000 copies worldwide. Now, two decades on, the horror returns and it's more evil than ever!

First off, this is not simply a remake. Resident Evil 2 Remastered is a complete re-imagining of the original in which every detail has been injected with T-Virus and has mutated into gaming perfection. Capcom obviously took note of the gameplay mechanics of Resident Evil 7 - don't think simply shutting that door behind you is going to contain your zombie friends - but have done so whilst staying true and loyal to the overall feel of the original. Obviously, the graphics have improved drastically, but just to give you some idea as to just how good this game looks, you will be hard pressed to find any other horror game on PS4 or Xbox that currently rivals this game. The whole package just propels the atmosphere and suspense to a whole new level of unnerving terror.

The story remains true to the source material. Rookie cop Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield foolishly venture to Raccoon City in search of answers. They are quickly separated and left alone to fight their way back together through a city that literally wants to eat them alive. As with the original, you can play as either Leon or Claire, with each following a different path that intertwines as the story progresses. 

As with all Resident Evil games, the gameplay focuses around exploration, puzzle solving, intense boss levels and of course hordes and hordes of undead survival.  

Now, I'm a big boy, "battle-hardened" you might say to the terrors within the Resident Evil franchise, but THIS GAME.... it terrifies me! This game has got me taking "breathers" every checkpoint, not only so I can rest my poor palpitating heart from the screaming of "run bitch, run!" from Mr. X, the bobbing & weaving from Lickers, or pushing zombies away as you try to conserve every bit of ammo for those foreshadowed boss fights, but furthermore there is so much detail & action, you can't help but want to savour the gameplay, even when knowing you've got "A" & "B" missions for both Leon & Claire along with hidden character stories.

RE 2 Remake is a modern masterpiece with very few, if any, faults that may only be noticed from the advanced RE player. THIS GAME has captivated millions of gamers once again and no doubt will be having Resident Evil fanatics & newcomers to the franchise demanding Capcom to remake Resident Evil 3: Nemesis... oh, what's that we hear through the grapevine?... Capcom has stated, "Resident Evil 3 Remake is possible if fans want it"? Our reply to that, "Oh f*ck, yes!"


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