Shane Pain – Bye Felicia: The Salty-Sweet Ear worm Battling Against Social Media Censorship

You see a lot of horrendous things on Facebook; drowned migrants, dogs being blowtorched while they’re still alive, aborted foetuses, the list is endless. But Shane Pain’s music video for their latest single “Bye Felicia”? Absolutely not. It was far too queer and exposing of where true vulgarity lies on social media.

Shane Pain Bye Felicia Still

It was an eventuality that Zuckerberg’s warped opinion on appropriateness would start to hinder artistic expression. Just as it did with Shane Pain’s salty-sweet Alt-Rock earworm; the chorus really will stick to your synapses like super glue as the lyrics allude to the exhaustion of scrolling through a news feed of parroted memes. But that’s just how social media likes us, conformist, and not bringing attention to the fact that we’re basically just in a modernised version of John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’.

Perhaps the video just hit too close to home for Zuckerberg along with every other media platform overlord who recoiled in subjective offence as they saw a satirical parody being made of their social media users.

The people who adrenalize themselves off adoration and validation of others probably wouldn’t be all too happy with themselves if they saw social media as the digital bukkake circle it truly is. 

Here’s the best bit, Facebook FINALLY allowed the music video to be uploaded after the fake squirting dildos with aubergine emojis. The irony which surrounds this release is incredible, but while I can find humour in the fact that it had to initially be streamed on PornHub; it’s not the best indicator of things to come for artists.

As much as this review has been centred around the struggles of censorship, Bye Felicia is still an incredible feat of filthy Alt-Rock filled with tempestuous energy and unadulterated rhythm. 

Check out the slightly NSFW (now censored) video for yourselves via YouTube 

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