Tale of Two – Lovelust: A Restoratively Dark Offering of Psychedelic Folk Concordance

Tale of Two Folk Band

“Lovelust” is the archaically masterful third single from Tale of Two which was released on July 12th, 2019. The London-based Folk duo Alfie Jackson and Gemma Rogers have cooked up a mesmeric lullaby which offers a stiff serving of potent hypnosis through the meanderingly endearing single.  

As a slightly overly devout fan of Amanda Palmer, it’s incredibly rare for me to be able to justify comparison to her sound, yet Tale of Two possess the same irresistible alchemic aural effect along with plenty of their own artful authentic expression.

Tale of Two’s darkly psychedelic Folk soundscapes works in perfect synergy with their poetic lyrics which keep to the archetypal Folk-style lyricism allowing you to become immersed in the narrative of the single. Yet Lovelust isn’t a request to share in the pensive sentiment, instead, Lovelust is an invitation to explore a quaint tale of longing, conflict, and indecision.

Concordance and Folk don’t always sit hand in hand, but in Lovelust, the melodious acoustic instruments sit against the orchestral layers and the build-ups only serve to infuse more ethereal energy into the arrangement. It’s safe to say we’re suitably enamoured.

You can check out Lovelust along with their earlier releases for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

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Tale of Two

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