The Future Has Arrived: The Nike Adapt BB

As a kid, one of the coolest scenes in Back to the Future Part II was when Marty McFly slipped into those auto lacing Nike high tops. If this was the future, then I couldn't wait to welcome it into my life. Well today, the future has arrived as Nike release the new Adapt BB self lacing basketball sneaker!

Describing the Adapt BB, Nike states:

"Welcome to the future of footwear. Step into a shoe that comes to life when you put it on. It lights up. It senses you. It adjusts to the shape of your foot and activity at the touch of a button—so you always get the perfect fit."

Self lacing to one side, the shoe simply looks amazing. Featuring Flyknit constructed shroud for continuous airflow and maximum flexibility, a padded tongue and flexible collar allowing for easy slip on access, and a Cushlon foam midsole for soft and responsive cushioning - this is a shoe that has been designed to offer basketball players an innovative experience.

Speaking of this design, Nike say:

“During a normal basketball game the athlete’s foot changes and the ability to quickly change your fit by loosening your shoe to increase blood flow and then tighten again for performance is a key element that we believe will improve the athlete’s experience.”

Now for the cool bit.

As soon as you slip into a pair of Adapt BB's, a custom motor senses the tension required, adjusting accordingly to your foot to offer the best fit. Whats more, by pairing the sneaker with it's dedicated Smartphone App, the fit can be adjusted using either presets or by completely customising to your own liking. As if that wasn't cool enough, you can also change the colour of our Adapt BB's via the App too - choosing which colour the shoes built in sole lights glow.

The awesomeness doesn't stop there, Nike have confirmed that they will be adapting their FitAdapt technology to suit a wider range of sports and lifestyle products. Now all we need is a goddamn hover board! 

The Adapt BB is on sale now and retails for $350


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