Top 3 Wildest Conspiracy Theories of 2020

We are only 3 months into the year and already hip-deep in fear, drama, reaching, and paranoid whispering across the internet. The UK is currently facing a toilet roll shortage due to Coronavirus, but yet no shortage of kitchen foil – which is remarkable given how many hats are definitely being made out of it. As the latest upgrade in cellular wireless to 5G rolls out the fear of it giving everyone cancer rears its head and now apparently it also caused COVID-19. Weighing in swiftly behind that is a barrage of memes declaring that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. So what is everyone yelling about?


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1. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The WHO (World Health Organisation, not the rock'n'roll gents who sing Baba O'Riley) have declared COVID-19 a pandemic, as the death toll currently surpasses 4,000, with 100 countries infected. Right out of the gate the cap (and gown) brigade had everyone on Twitter convinced it was due to Chinese people eating bat soup because thinly veiled racism is easier than research. Then it was a bio-weapon made in a lab and released to cull the population, even extending to the lab apparently being linked to the fictitious Umbrella Corp featured in popular zombie video-game franchise, Resident Evil. At present we understand the virus is likely to have originated in animals and then jumped to humans (its genetic sequencing is similar to another coronavirusSARS, which explains the bat soup chat). The ground zero was a food market in Wuhan, China, which sold living and newly slaughtered animals so this stands, but China's only level four biosafety lab investigating infectious disease's being located just 7 miles up the road also raises questions.


5G Radiation conspiracy


2. 5G Radiation

Upgrading from our current cellular network of 4G to 5G was always going to be a challenge. These large scale changes create pathways for new technology and that means new fears of a brave new world. While 4G uses up to 5 gigahertz frequency 5G uses 24 to 90 Gigahertz frequency, and this is asserted as being dangerous to your health as “within the RF radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous it is to living organisms”. However this is simply an assertion with little to no legitimate scientific backing as only ionizing radiation is harmful, and 5G is non-ionizing. Now people are saying 5G has caused coronavirus by 'sucking the air out of your lungs', or that the whole pandemic is made up to either cover the ill effects of 5G or use it as a test. Please, kids, stay in school.


Pedophile rings pizzagate ruling elite Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself


3. Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself

So convicted wealthy financier and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, was finally sentenced to jail for sex trafficking and molesting under-age girls. Which opened a whole can of worms because he moved in some of the world's most VIP social circles. He was good friends with the British monarchy, through to Hollywood movie stars, to the President of the USA. He also had a New York mansion, Florida estate, and private island in the Virgin Islands all wired extensively with surveillance to record guests committing sexual crimes with the many young girls he procured for them. His blackmail evidence would have obliterated an untold number of powerful people, and so his suspicious death in prison being ruled a 'suicide by hanging' has been widely contested, including by his own lawyers. This spurred hundreds of memes across social media, with people coming up with creative ways to continue to remind the public of what was almost certainly a murder orchestrated by higher-ups. 'Epstein Didn't Kill Himself' is the 20's, '9/11 Was An Inside Job'.

By Evelyn Hollow

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