Top Three Wildest Conspiracies About The Moon

The moon cannot be trusted. Apparently. The Americans and the Russians raced each other to be the first to set foot upon her dusty secret surface many decades ago – or did they?

She controls our tides and has been central to our folklore for aeons but there are some people out there that believe she is the focal point of government cover-ups, truly outlandish designs, and may in fact not even exist at all. Climb into the rabbit hole and buckle up kids, we're going to look at the top three wildest conspiracies about the fucking moon.


Full Moon Moon Conspiracies


1. We never went to the moon!

This is the most pervasive of all the theories by far. It's been debated endlessly for decades now as to whether or not the Apollo moon landings were faked. As previously reported “About 5% of Americans think the moon landings were completely staged”. The most common tenets of thought are 'Why is the American flag moving in the pictures if there's no wind?' and 'Why are there no stars in any of the photos?' The answers to these questions are pretty straight forward; the flag has a pole at the top that's sewn into it to keep it open and give the appearance of movement and there's no stars for the same reason that a photo on earth's surface under bright lights would show up a completely black sky even on a starry night – because of exposure levels. This all started with a man called Bill Kaysing and a bloody pamphlet...

Moon Landing Conspiracy

2. The moon is hollow!

The belief that the moon is either wholly or at least partially hollow is sometimes known as the Spaceship Moon Hypothesis. It's usually linked to the Hollow Earth theory and was a focal point of early science fiction – most notably the book 'The First Men in the Moon' by legendary author H.G. Wells. But seismic data has shown us that the moon has a thin crust, extensive mantle, and dense core. Sorry kids, you can't go spelunking in the moon after all!


Hollow Moon Spaceship Moon Hypothesis

3. The moon isn't real!

This one's a real doozy. Some people believe that the moon is not real, and is in fact actually an alien station used to observe us. This theory was perpetuated by a man named Scott Waring who believed to have found two photos of the moon that NASA deleted from their image atlas. He also states that the moon actually opens up, like a kinder egg, to allow alien craft to fly in and out. The moon might not be real, but apparently the Death Star is? Okay doke. He also states that there is a city on the dark side of the moon located in the Giordana Crater that you can see (if you squint at some shadows really fucking hard right after dropping a tab).


What do you think? Are any of these plausible? Is it a case that the moon is real but we've never been there? Is it all just one big gutter in outer space, man?

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