Why Did Jason Momoa’s Views on Environmental Responsibility Get Overshadowed by Buzzing His Facial Fuzz?

For many people, the first time they clapped eyes on Jason Momoa, they saw a rugged, brutish, beard-donning Dothraki warlord in Game of Thrones. The beard certainly helped him to look the part and it became an iconic part of his aesthetic which carried through to his role on Aquaman. But for the internet to get, shall we say, a little hysterical when he decided to make a symbolic statement and say goodbye to the beard was slightly ridiculous.

Celebrities do a lot of things for attention, but with this relatively simple act, he effectively became a performance protest artist urging the world to wake up and become more environmentally responsible.

Through a very symbolic sacrifice which his shallower fans didn’t appreciate Momoa was able to bring light to one of the biggest problems we are facing globally. Yet, a very prominent reaction was one of shock and disappointment that their piece of eye candy was ruined. Even popular websites, magazines and newspapers failed to allude to his environmental message in the headlines.

“We don’t want to cause alarm but… Jason Momoa has shaved his beard off” – Cosmopolitan

Jason Momoa shaved his beard and people are freaking out – CNN

Game Of Thrones Jason Momoa breaks fans’ hearts after shaving his beard off for the first time in SEVEN years – The Sun

You get the picture. Well, hopefully, you do. Our planet needs saving, it’s not going to be convenient, and it’s going to take a lot more than not using plastic straws, but it’s time to take our heads out of the sand and start to consider if this planet will even be habitable in a decades time. And that’s not just habitable for us. There are 8.7 million species on this planet – that we know of.

Diverse Rich Sea Life Ocean Aquarium

Considering we’re the ‘master race’ wouldn’t it be nice to spare a thought with our co-inhabitants?

With the new canned water which Momoa brought our attention to in the video, the can is infinitely recyclable. In just 60 days from when the can is first recycled it can be sold for use once more.

60 million plastic bottles end up thrown away each day – that’s 22 billion every year. It’s pretty hard to imagine what 22 billion plastic bottles look like, and maybe that’s the problem. Our water-dwelling friends have a fairly good idea of exactly what that looks like when their carcasses wash upon the shore.

Are You Feeling Yet?

Climate change and how badly we are defiling the planet may be the last thing we want to deal with and think about on any given day. It’s totally understandable. People have financial worries, relationship problems, issues at work… you get the idea. Personal tragedies may arise on any given day, but that can no longer be an excuse for ignoring the global problems. Many of the threats to our planet can’t be reversed, and it has got to a point where maybe now people are saying ‘what difference will I make?’ – that is exactly the attitude which will kill our planet.

Ocean Plastic waste pollution save the ocean

It may be easy to the say that binning a plastic bottle is just a drop in the ocean to what big corporations are doing to our planet but doing our best to make sure that our money doesn’t end up in the hands of these corporations is a start. Anything is better than hoping for change somewhere along the line when it will be easier for you to go along with it. We feel terrible and powerless when things are beyond our control, but are we really doing enough with matters which we can still make a difference with?

Early ocean plastic litter traced to 1960s - BBC News

You can even start to do something about the Indonesian Island oil spill which has started a fire as big as Paris. 5 people have already been reported dead while it is impossible to predict how many animals have been wiped out by the fire which was a result of an oil leak. The marine waters have been completely polluted, and there’s no going back from that. There’s no feasible way of cleaning up the ocean to make it inhabitable once more. And why did it happen?

Oil Spill Now Larger Than Paris Ravages Indonesian Island, 5 Dead

That would be the fault of the palm oil and logging companies. Don’t be under the impression that this is the first time for it to happen either. The way some of the most renown companies in the world mercilessly rape the forests for palm oil is entirely to blame for what is happening in Indonesia – that means we’re responsible too.

Just some of the companies which have sourced palm oil from Indonesia include; Unilever, Colgate, Nestle, Hershey, Kellogg’s Mars, and PepsiCo. What’s even worse is that these companies don’t have to destroy the rainforests for their products. Don’t be fooled by their previous statements that they will address the issue. They won’t.

Now, ask yourself, do you really want to buy your loved ones a Nestle Easter egg and fund the capitalist corporations who will destroy the planet for profit? You don’t have to cancel Easter. You can simply opt for Easter Eggs that don’t cause devastation to the planet that we love.

Do we need to see the Iceland advert again?

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