Will Any Vloggers Make It Through 2019?

You know what people love more than putting other people on pedestals? Tearing them down from them.

It’s hardly a new thing – people have been baying for blood since the dawn of humanity. But thanks to social media platforms, it isn’t just the media pundits and political figures who get an active voice when it comes to screaming contempt for other people’s actions.

Berating figures who have amassed high acclaim is almost a spectator sport now thanks to Twitter. We can watch in real time as some of the most influential people in our society go head to head – whether or not vloggers should be seen as influential is another matter to deal with entirely. But there’s no disputing that that’s where we are at now. Simultaneously, we’ve also started to believe that walking amongst us are fully perfect human beings. I mean, have you stepped outside and met people?

What if the Witch Hunters Became the Hunted?

If the worst thing that you’ve ever done was posted in tabloid papers for the world to see, how would the world perceive you?

Would they get an accurate reflection of you?

Of course not.

Political Witch Hunt James Charles

So, why do we think that the worst things an influencer, celebrity, or blogger does defines them in any way?

Of course, we’ve got the factor of morality to contend with, we’ll always ask questions such as “can I still like this person if they did X, Y, Z?”. We all draw the line in different places when it comes to cutting off support of figures we followed and were inspired by. If we followed our own lines of thinking, it wouldn’t be a problem, but people just love bandwagon bashing, don’t they?

The most recent example of this is James Charles who is literally losing millions of Youtube subscribers as I type this – and that includes famous figures who have been surrounded by controversy themselves. Jeffree Star as the prime example who has a fair bit of history-making racist comments - they’ve been incredibly public about their dismissal of James Charles. Good old double standards. But I can imagine that it is a relief for public figures when the fire is raining down on someone else.

This is where I would like to point out that I’m not condoning anything that James Charles has done as an autonomous human being learning to fit into the world. Many people are forgetting that he’s only 19 years old, were you the best version of yourself at the age of 19? Or did you have to go through plenty of life lessons which brought you to the point where you could make more informed choices? Think about it.

How Much Responsibility Should Public Figures Have?

‘Cancel Culture’ is all the rage right now, this usually includes social media bashings of certain individuals who have been responsible for political or social transgressions. So, it is more important than ever to remain fully conscious of every word that we say – especially online. We know that some Tweets don’t age well, but on the flipside, there are also a lot of instances where it was never a good idea to post what we did. Then, you need to look at how our culture is CONSTANTLY shifting.

Cancel Cancel Culture James Charles

Remember the millennial reactions to Friends when it was put on Netflix? At the time, Friends seemed like one of the most innocent TV shows in the world, but now, we see that it is rife with transphobia, homophobia, and misogyny. I mean, Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” has even been pulled from school’s curriculum now as the text is rife in racial hatred and division. Point being, what was acceptable previously, may not be tomorrow – and plenty of people are going to get tripped up by this.

Books and TV shows may not seem like they have all too much in common with Vloggers, but considering Vloggers are now part of mainstream culture, the media mediums aren’t that different at all.

Yet, it is much MUCH harder for Vloggers and other celebrity personalities to separate their work lives with their personal lives. Ever had a bad day where you said something you didn’t mean and upset a few people? We’ve all acted in the heat of the moment and lived to regret it, so we really can’t be angry or shocked when celebrity personalities do it. But for people who have found the spotlight of public interest, a little caution wouldn’t go amiss – especially considering that they know their words will be screenshot and plastered everywhere!

James Charles may not be innocent, but many of his fans were. Plenty of James Charles’ avid viewers were children who looked up to him. Even though his tutorial videos were child-friendly, the explanations for his behavior definitely aren’t. A major repercussion of this fierce call-out culture is that children will have to find out about more adult issues in the world in a way no parent would ever want to explain. This is by no means excusing his predatory behavior on straight men, but I’ve known plenty of ‘normal people’ who have tried their luck with a trophy fuck.

How was this meme okay if James Charles’ actions weren’t?


Ashley, you know I'm straight so is spaghetti until it gets wet meme


There are plenty more reasons why James Charles is being called out, from issues as small as him taking vitamins from his friend’s rival company(?!) to charging $500 for a meet and greet. Yeah, that may be extortionate, but Beyoncé runs a fucking sweatshop, and no one bats an eyelid.

There are plenty of reasons to be angry right now, but if you’re looking for petty gossip instead of the bigger picture… I’ll let Eleanor Roosevelt finish that sentence...

Great minds discuss ideas; small minds discuss events; smaller minds discuss people quote Eleanor Roosevelt

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