Witch of the East “Queen of Insecurity” Album Review: A Stylised Work of Dark Aural Alchemy

Fans of truly chilling music have been left with fairly few options when it comes to contemporary artists in the past few years. Bringing back the spookshow vibes with an infinitely more stylistic approach is Aeris Houlihan with their solo project Witch of the East.

Witch of the East – “Queen of Insecurity” album review

Their upcoming album “Queen of Insecurity” offers eerie grinding rhythms which bring with them a sense of sombre maturity. As someone who devoured the likes of Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and the Murderdolls in my teenage years, it is infinitely refreshing to hear an artist carrying an element of that style yet incorporating it into a cocktail of salaciously arrestive concordant arrangements which are sure to be of appeal to any fans of 90s Soft Grunge. But never make the mistake of thinking that Queen of Insecurity could ever neatly fit within a genre; the tracks are much more than soundscapes they’re auras filled with enticingly raw occultist energy. Horror and music have always sat hand in hand, but now, the grip is a little bit tighter.

Many people may be under the impression that albums are no longer relevant but listening to the different textures and depths contained within Queen of Insecurity is nothing short of arrestive as each new track opens a new window to the creativity possessed by Witch of the East. As a firm believer that tracks will only be as deep as the lyricism the tracks on Queen of Insecurity carved out aural wormholes.

Aeris Houlihan with their solo project Witch of the East.

While Aeris Houlihan was responsible for some incredible music with Chambers, it’s instantly perceptible that with each aspect of their influence audible in Queen of Insecurity creating a solo project was the best utilisation of their expressive, distinctive talent. With the diversity of the singles on the album, it is easy to see that creative expression wasn’t diluted in an attempt to make the sound easily ingestible. Instead, they invite you to share in the catharsis through which they were written.

Queen of Insecurity will be officially released on July 5th, 2019 through I’m Not From London Records. You can check out the teaser trailer for the album out via SoundCloud! Or, head on over to their YouTube where you can revel in the delights of the first single to be released off the album “Hexenhaus”.

Make sure to give the band a follow on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all the latest news and tour dates. There’s already plenty of UK tour dates lined up for you already!

Here’s where you can catch them! (more dates to be added)

Opium (Edinburgh) - 5th April 2019
Katie Fitzgeralds (Stourbridge) - 19th April 2019
The Chameleon Arts Cafe (Nottingham) - 20th April 2019
Stags Head (Dalston) - 21st April 2019
The Unicorn (Camden) - 11th May 2019
Polar Bear (Hull) - 24th May 2019
Aatma (Manchester) - 25th May 2019
Dot to Dot Festival (Nottingham) 26th May 2019
E.B.G.B.S (Liverpool) - 7th June 2019
Adelphi (Hull) - 15th June 2019
Roadrip & The Workshop (Shoreditch) - 29th June 2019
Waterfront Festival - (Nottingham) - 13th July 2019
Percy's Cafe Bar (Whitchurch) - 19th July 2019
Rough Trade (Nottingham) - 26th July 2019
Worcester Music Festival - 15th September 2019

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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