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To our loyal Corvid Fam & valued customers,

The time has come to officially announce that we will be closing the doors on Corvid Culture as a business.

There are a few factors as to why, but the key reason is due to Covid-19, the Lockdown's & the lack of any Government Covid funding provided towards our businesses industry. This reason alone has decimated our brands finances beyond re-establishment.

We will refrain from sharing anything further in regards to our personal feelings on the matter, however, please know; we tried & did everything in our power to keep this business afloat over the last year. The simple fact is, we are one of thousands of small businesses who have received little to no support from the government that will, at present or soon in the coming months, file for insolvency.

Our heart goes out to all those self-employed & small business whose dreams have been or will be brought to an end due to the lack of government support received since March, 2020.

So, where does this leave the brand at this very moment?

Although no dates yet are set in stone, our plan is to close doors prior to Christmas 2021. The reason for an end-of-year target close is our business needs to go into liquidation, selling the remainder of physical stock and any/all remaining assets to help ease the blow of bankruptcy.

The plan moving forward will be to hold an ongoing clearance sale until closure, as well as release a final custom-made Corvid collection, with the aim of selling it and all other physical stock as much as possible. Any remaining stock going into the new year will be given to charity.

All sales made between now and closure will go towards paying the wages of our remaining team members, paying back directors loans & the minimum marketing required to aid selling & liquidating our stock.

Starting early July, we’ll begin an ongoing "Closing Down Sale” that will see all products reduced to clear at prices that will, hopefully, see adequate sales while ensuring customers that want our products/designs can order them before all gets put to rest, no long available for purchase.

And so, thank you very much for everyone's support & purchases up until now. It has all shone a positive light on a pretty dark year, as we’re sure many of yourselves have had to endure. It's all meant the world to us, so from the bottom of our hearts; thank you all.

Sadly, the time has finally come for this business to face the music.

Big love as always,
Gareth & The Corvid Team

**UPDATE - 30/09/21**
We'd like further thank absolutely everyone that has supported us and shared kind words since announcing our inadvertent closure. It really has been heartfelt during a time of grieving for the loss of our creation. 

Sadly, circumstances surrounding increased costs in production, marketing and other misfortunes, are now pushing the date for closure sooner than hoped. It's looking more than likely we'll be closing our doors before the festive season. 

Essential customer reading


Orders for products made-to-order will no longer be eligible for return beginning 00.01am on the 15th September except in cases of defect.               

Defect returns will be eligible for refund up to 30 days after receipt of goods; after 30 days defective products will be eligible for replacement only.                   

Exchange of made-to-order products for any reason other than defect is subject to a charge based on product type, quantity, print quantity & shipping costs.     

Until the date 15/09/2021 the terms & conditions outlined below are still in effect. After this date the terms & conditions will be updated to reflect the preceding statements. The above statements will be the overriding ruling if any contradicting is found on this website after the aforementioned date.

From the end of day 10/08/2021 our returns/refund terms & conditions will be applied to all customer situations with no exception. For over a decade we have practiced a very generous & flexible set of returns & exchange conditions but from this moment, in our last year of trading, we must operate in a manner to ensure that we do not incur financial loses resulting from the return, or exchange, of made-to-order items. All made-to-order items are clearly identified on our webstore and it is the customer's responsibility to read & understand all the information we have provided publicly. From the date stated above we will no longer be able to offer returns or exchanges of made-to-order products free of charge. The charges that will now apply for these services are based on the type of garment, size of garment, the quantity of garments involved & the number of prints. Please do not be offended if you are denied a return or exchange because you are unwilling to cover the appropriate & applicable charge; we simply cannot afford to cover these costs anymore. Please do not be offended if you are denied a request to return or exchange if your reason is based on, or includes, information that we have supplied on our webstore & product listings; we can no longer continue to be generous & give the benefit of doubt. There are several reasons we have been forced onto a path towards closure & one of them is financial; in order to make this process as least painful as possible we now have to minimise losses and that means following these terms & conditions strictly. We would prefer not to have to adopt this stance but it is what is now required as part of damage control. Many of our small team have worked on much reduced & no wages for many months to try keep the brand a viable business, please respect this if requested to contribute to your return or exchange. Excuses of the "too long didn't read"; "I didn't see that" or "I didn't understand" variety will not be accepted, the information is there; and if you really think something is missing simply ask. We are not ASOS, we are not H&M, we cannot swallow anymore losses and we hope you understand & respect that. 

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