About us

Edinburgh based Corvid Culture has grown from the fledgling CRMC Clothing and continues to produce limited edition quality, durable, casual unisex premium streetwear for alternative individuals & unconventional psyches. 
Their dedicated team is fueled by the esoteric history of humankind and driven by multiple subculture genres; some of which they are directly part of & others which they hold in high regard. Numerous talented artists and musicians are represented by, and work within, the Corvid Culture & as a collective they input to, influence, and develop the concepts that form the products which are usually released in batches of 50 or less. 

Also incorporated are “Flightless Skateboards” and “Magpie ‘til I Die” who provide the street sports input & the occult glamour respectively. 

Fiercely independent and proudly unorthodox the core protagonists work day & night to fulfil their own, and customer, expectations. Facing the future anticipating challenges, rewards, knowledge, surprises, & sleepless nights, Corvid Culture proceeds forward ever, backward never.