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Fiercely independent and proudly unorthodox; Edinburgh based Corvid Culture present quality durable premium urban streetwear and lifestyle fashion for nonconformist individuals & unconventional identities. Our dedicated international graphics team is driven by subcultures, esoteric undercurrents & the wondrous family of corvid birds. 

Established in 2012 with a crossover manifesto of Black Metal & Streetwear the Corvid Culture design collection now spans multiple realms & themes distinctively focussed by means of our beady-eyed lens. The core progenitors have pursued their visions by way of daydream & fantasy, nightmare & heartache, nightclub & marketplace; spirit & resolve.

Originally screen-printed & strictly limited the present-day Corvid Culture clothing modus operandi is design driven & made-to-order. High-definition direct-to-garment Kornit printers are engaged to bond ink & fabric as desired whilst reducing the brand's environmental footprint by only committing resources when required. 

Complimenting our environmental conscience the core Corvid Culture ethos is permeated by firm ideals of collaboration, cooperation & consideration. As the brand ascends we consciously endeavour to elevate contributors & partners so that all positive & productive Corvid members can reap the rewards of their input.

In this Culture individuality & intellect is celebrated & cherished; solitude & mindfulness is beneficial & healthy; teamwork is driven by shared goals; and success is defined by the evolution of self sufficiency, the expansion of creative networks, and the small victories of the self that build & maintain effective mental health.

Fly in & out of darkness, to & from light; forward ever, backward never.

As humanity walks blindly further into the mire & concrete pours in the wake Corvid Culture request your company on a journey beyond the detritus of a dying epoch. We refuse to be downed & drowned in the toxic soup of an era that equates power with control; that justifies exploitation; that treats all but itself as inferior & disposable. Unity must overcome division & nature must be recognised as our salvation instead of our slave.

Corvid Culture can't be everything for everyone but we offer sanctuary under our wing; a safe nest for discourse; & a borderless sky for expression.

No Gods, No Masters...(unless you're into that kinda thing..)