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Yatagarasu Tracksuit - Trousers (Black and White) - DEFECT

Yatagarasu Tracksuit - Trousers (Black and White) - DEFECT

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These items feature print defects that we considered unsuitable for sale at full price; but we do not want time & materials to go to waste so we offer them at a reduced price on the understanding that they are not perfect. There will be no returns on any of the defect items. The construction of the garment is not defect.

Matching bottoms for the "Yatagarasu" tracksuit top. The left leg features "CRMC" branding and right leg "Kanji" print translates as "Conspiring Ravens" & "Murderous Crows".
  • Light cotton with 100% Nylon inlay.
  • Elastic waist with drawcord.
  • Elastic cuffs.
  • Contrast stripe.
  • Casual fit.

IMPORTANT: Print defects for this item may include small areas of print missing; smudged print application; mottled print (same colour).

Please refer to our returns policy here before making your purchase, thank you.

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